Thursday, March 31, 2011

Other forms of exercise other than running....(what? there are others!?)

 This is what I wish I were doing right now:

 Instead, I have been up and at em' since 6:30, but I have been *somewhat* productive and did my Jillian Michael's Yoga this morning. Downward Dog anyone? Speaking of dogs.....

I couldn't leave out Max-man. 

I have been trying to ease my depression over my ankle injury  by doing some cross training at the YMCA, thanks to my friend Phoenix who is letting me *borrow* her membership. Aka, I forced her to give me her card, put it on my keyring, and scan it when I go in and walk super fast by so they don't compare her picture to me and realize I am not her. Don't tell please--it will be our little secret!

So on my off-yoga days (okay so I am super exaggerating here-- I have only done the yoga like 3 times this week) I have been hitting the gym. I have been biking and doing the elliptical enjoying the splendid lifestyle of the Y membership that I have currently. Do a body pump class? Do a Boot camp? Don't mind if I do. Okay, well I haven't but I could if I wanted to (if my damn ankle was better....). I plan on swimming tomorrow which should be pretty entertaining and possibly a safety concern for those who may be around me.  Where can I find some goggles? Would I look more like I knew what I was doing with goggles?? More of a professional swimmer, per se?

In the meantime, we are having our monthly "Chow Down Around Town" dinner tonight which basically means girls dinner at a new restaurant each month. It should be a blast and may help ease my depression over not being able to run and my fear that I may not be able to run in the half marathon at the end of April. Alcohol and gossip tends to do that (ease depression, that is).


  1. I am so sorry about the ankle...It sucked when I broke my foot, but sometimes you need to rest. Try the spin class....great work out!!! and very easy on the ankle and feet. Really hope to see you in Nashville

  2. I hope your ankle gets better soon! That's got to be frustrating :( In the meantime, try to make the most of "your" new gym membership!

    YUM! Your girls night sounds fantastic!