Monday, March 7, 2011

RIP Treadmill

It has been an eventful week in my little running world. First of all, to start with the good news I received my second present in the mail on Thursday. It came in a very large package which was a little weird....

Its a mini laptop, I mean Garmin GPS watch! Though it looks like a laptop on my arm, it is actually very light-weight. The Garmin watch will locate my position and will track my run, time, distance, and pace as I go. I can set different programs such as with a "ghost runner" that I can race as I go. There is a newer model which is smaller and more sleek, however it costs a LOT more! So I will sacrifice my fashion during my runs to have a great technology and a "trainer". Please excuse the low battery sign on my arm and be assured it has been properly charged. I have named her Gertrude because she isn't the cutest thing but we still love her.
Now to the sad news for the week. My treadmill is donezo. I had a very long run on Saturday (8 miles) on it and around mile 7 it started to smell and cut off. It refused to work again and actually started smoking when I turned it on later. After calling the company and multiple repairmen, I determined it was beyond worth fixing. It was fixable and the motor is still under warranty, however the cost for labor and parts that needed replacing along with the motor would cost around what I paid for it almost 2 years ago. So that makes 2 ellipticals and 1 treadmill I have killed in the past 2 years and 3 months. Seriously. I need to increase my budget for exercise machines with better warranties. Clearly I use them frequently.
So to the summary of my runs this week. I ran a total of 21.6 miles.
Monday-hit the TM for a quick 3.2 mile run/30mins total.

Wednesday-Ran 6.4 miles in historic Trussville/60 mins. I was planning on running a 10k Saturday and this was the course. I wanted to check it out before the actual run. It was a nice course and I will probably make this run more frequently now.
Thursday- Ran 4 miles in the neighborhoood/44 mins. Tons of hills in my neighborhood. This was a tough run for some reason. Just wasn't feelin' it that day.
Satuday-8 miles total- 7.25 on TM/.75 outside--UGH! The weather turned into crap so the 10k didn't happen. I hit the TM for a long run. I feel like the first few miles always start off so tough and it sure did this day. Around mile 3 I almost quit and called it a day but stuck with it. Started to feel better around mile 4 but it wasn't much longer than that when the TM died on me. I figured I could quit but only had 3/4's of a mile to reach my goal of 8 miles so I strapped on Gertrude and tested her out. I was doing good too, Gertrude told me I was running at a 9:24 pace.
RIP treadmill. You will be missed. Now onto a new one...

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