Sunday, March 20, 2011

What a weekend!

We have had a busy weekend! Friday we hate a date night, Matt and I went to eat at Ezell's Catfish Cabin (sounds very Alabamaian doesn't it!?) and went to see my other husband, Matthew McConaughey, play in "The Lincoln Lawyer". Critics Jess and Matt give the movie 2 thumbs up!! It was not only suspenseful, but also humorous at times. What a great combo!

Saturday I had big plans with Mere to go on a long run and we started out great. Around mile 5 I began to have a slight pain in my Achilles heel/tendon which continued to worsen as we ran. We called the run short at mile 6 (had planned to run 8) and headed to the pool to meet some friends. We had some beautiful weather again this weekend so we took full advantage of it by sitting by the pool sippin' on some Pina Coladas.  Mere has been working on perfecting the Pina Colada recipe for years and I think she's mastered it! They really seemed to help dull ankle pain also. Imagine that! Our friends Amanda, Phoenix, Alaina, Megan, and Maria joined us by the pool. Later that night the boys met up with us and we grilled out at Mere and Ben's house.  It was a fantastic day other than the injury on my foot (which progressively hurt as the day and night went on).

I got to use one of my Christmas gifts Saturday--an embroidered beach towel given to me by my mother. It has a huge pocket on the top/back so it slides onto the top of the chair to prevent it from slipping off and has side pockets for your phone/suntan lotion/etc. It is awesome! You can check it out here and get yourself one.

Today I am nursing my injury with the help of my personal nurse, aka Matt. who has been helping me to ice and wrap it. I am praying it is just a slight sprain or something not serious and it will be better in no time...If not, I am going to have to see a doctor sometime this week and hope there is a miraculous quick cure so I can tie up my shoes and head back out to hit the pavement. I've been taking it easy per my nurse Matt's orders and I have been rotating between laying on the couch and laying out on my beach chair in the backyard. Gotta work on my tan!

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