Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Birthday and Baby news

Yesterday was my father-in-law Bob's 60th Birthday! The whole family surprised him on Sunday with lunch at his parents house which was really fun and then our immediate family went to eat last night on his actual birthday at Brio to continue the celebration. The food was great and so was the company! Hopefully Bob had a wonderful birthday--as he deserves it!

I didn't get a group picture but here are a couple that we took:

The birthday boy!

Me and my hot hubby

In other news, we went to the doctor today and the baby is doing great. We got to hear he or she's heartbeat which was pretty fast at 168. The doctor and I both suspect the baby is a girl!

I must admit though, that I am spoiled because my mother purchased for us, several weeks after finding out we were pregnant, a Fetal Doppler to keep at the house. I had some trouble finding the heartbeat early on (started trying around 7 weeks) but since about week 10 I have been able to hear the baby's heartbeat daily. It's amazing how much has changed since week 10--at first it would take awhile to find the heartbeat and you could not move the wand at all or you would lose the heartbeat, now the baby is so much bigger, I can immediately find it and move it around for several inches up, down, and all around, and still hear it! If you are pregnant or get pregnant, I highly recommend getting one of these! There is nothing better than being able to hear your baby's heartbeat whenever you want!

We will go back to the doctor for the baby's anatomy scan and gender reveal (yes, finally!!) in a few weeks, so stay posted! Please keep baby C in your prayers that he or she is healthy and strong and continues doing so well! :) We are so blessed!

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  1. So glad to hear everything is still going well for you! And exciting that your sono is almost here already! Although you said finally's funny how time passes so quickly, but some things seem so slow as well :)