Friday, November 11, 2011

Bump, bump, bump

Since I saw those two lines on the pregnancy test, I have anxiously thought about how I would look and what it would feel like to have a "baby bump". For weeks I would take a weekly picture hoping to see the change....only to realize that nothing was really happening. Everyone said "oh it just will pop out overnight!" and "once you start getting big you will re-think this"....but I still couldn't help wish for the one thing that every pregnant woman gets at some point--the baby bump.  The pregnancy books I read would say things like "you probably aren't fitting in your pants anymore" or "your thickening waist must be obvious by now" but the truth is, up until this week I have fit in my clothes just fine. By the end of the first trimester I only gained 2lbs, and I wasn't even sick!

Fast forward to this Sunday. As I walked by the mirror I noticed a little area on my stomach that protruded more than normal.  Not just as if I ate something (my belly would get bigger at night--most likely bloating, so says my books) because it was first thing in the morning. My pants this week were increasingly tight and most of the days this week I had to wear my Bella Band which lets you wear your pants undone and holds them up while hiding the fact that your pants aren't buttoned...or zipped up. I had co-workers asking behind my back if I was pregnant, and even strangers smiling at me more while looking at my mid-section. 

I think since Sunday my "bump" has increasingly gotten bigger. I am surprised at how quickly it has grown already and know this is just the beginning. But I like it. And not only do I feel pregnant but I am starting to look it. It's an exciting feeling for a first-time mother-to-be!

So without further's my little bump at 15 weeks:


  1. Too cute Jess!! Can't wait to see baby see C grow bigger!! Lots of rubbing from auntie Megan!

  2. Seeing your bump and feeling the baby kick are THE best parts of being pregnant. You are going to be a precious preggy. Congrats!