Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm home with a stuffed (and much bigger looking than this morning) belly thinking back on what a great Thanksgiving we had this year! I am overwhelmed with how many things in my life God has blessed me with which I am thankful for: my wonderful husband, this amazing miracle growing inside of me, my family, friends, a fulfilling job, and so much more. I most importantly recognize that these have all been given to me by our Lord, and all good things come through him.

We were busy and had 2 different places to go to. We started off with Matt's fathers side of the family in a land far, far away (seriously, it was!) where his aunt and uncle live. It was a new house they recently built which is on the Warrior River, which was beautiful, but in the middle of nowhere. 

From left to right: Michael, Ryan, Kristen, me, Matt, Nick, Megan, and below: Debbie and Bob

me and as Matt says "my poofy hair"
 After leaving Matt's fathers side of the family, we headed to his mothers house where we had Thanksgiving Meal #2. Early on, I gave the baby a pep talk that we would have a great food day and would eat tons, so get ready! And it was all soo good. Both baby and I were happy campers.
A serious game...of UNO

Ryan and I comparing our bellies....who's bigger?!

Matt's sweet mom Debbie, and her pumpkin pie

Family pic: me, Cayden, Matt, Amari, Leslie, Ryan, Debbie, Megan, and Nick

The boys and their momma

Matt and me....and seriously, my belly is not this big (well, for now). It grows as I eat more and more!! haha!
We really had a great Thanksgiving. And now I'm thankful for my pjs. And that I am wearing them right now.

Tomorrow is Christmas decorating day! I have somehow convinced Matt to go buy a tree and put up our decorations tomorrow. It's the most wonderful time of the year!
I hope you counted your blessings this year and had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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