Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Card Time

One of the best parts of Christmas is opening your mailbox around Christmas and getting cards from friends, family members, and other loved ones. It not only is fun to see the different cards (I especially like the photo ones) but to also know that others are thinking of you during this time of the year.

Since I enjoy receiving cards so much, I think it's important that we also send out cards so that our loved ones know that we are also thinking of them!

I think the hardest part is deciding what Christmas card design we want to use! This year, we are going to use Tiny Prints to design our Christmas cards. They have tons of cute designs to choose from at great prices (some of those companies can be so expensive!).

Here are a few designs that we really like:

I like the design on this one...the light blue and swirly-accent is so cute

This one is so colorful and bright!

Very classic and classy.

Who knows which one we will decide on, like I said, that's the hardest part! But seriously, you can check them all out here at Tiny Prints!

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