Sunday, November 27, 2011

17 weeks

 Okay, so technically today I am 18 weeks, but here is the pics and stats from this past week:
How far along: This picture was taken yesterday, at 17 weeks 6 days
Weight gain/loss: I have gained 6lbs total
Maternity Clothes: Yep, got some of these this week. I figured out how hard it is to find good fitting maternity clothes at a good price, oh and that most stores either have a very, very, small selection or zero selection of maternity clothes. Ugh.
Sleep: Slept pretty good this week. I keep waking up around 3am and have a little difficulty going back to sleep, but it's not too bad.
Best moment this week: I'm feeling baby move more! I was actually listening to the heartbeat on the doppler the other day and heard the baby move and felt it at the same time! Crazy!
Food cravings: still sweets
Belly Button in or out: still in
Movement: yes, and feeling the baby move more and more now!
What I miss: wine....and a cold beer
What I am looking forward to: In a week and half we have our ultrasound where we get to find out the gender and check to make sure baby is growing healthy
Milestones: I think a big milestone is feeling baby move more and also moving into maternity clothes!


  1. So on the issue of maternity clothes. I found the best pants at Gap at the Galleria. They actually do sizes and not s, m, l and they fit better. They have really good sales so you can find so good deals. Target usually had good tops for reasonable prices. Pea in a Pod had cute stuff but fairly pricey....just thought I would pass the info along. And you look great!!

  2. Yay for getting to feel the baby move! You look fantastic, and except for the baby bump, you don't look like youve gained any weight!

  3. Cute little itty bitty bump! :)