Thursday, December 15, 2011

Keeping up with the Colemans

Oh that would have been a good blog name! Never mind that I stole it from a reality show that I may or may not be obsessed with....

So yes, I know I've been kinda slacking lately (ahem, no 19 week pregnancy update....I know ya'll were at the edge of your seat waiting for this right?)...but I've been pretty busy lately (napping daily counts right?!).

We have and will continue to be busy for the next few weeks. Last Saturday Matt and I attended his work Christmas party (pics to come) which was fun. Last night we had a girls night at my friend Mere's house to hang out and watch "Christmas Vacation" which is the theme of her Christmas party this year ("you serious Clark?"). We have 2 other family parties this Saturday (total of 3). And oh yeah, and we are going out of town to Atlanta for Christmas with my family the 23-26, and then Matt and I are taking out first trip to New York the 26-30 (recommendations??).  So in between all that, we still have to see Matt's family to exchange gifts as well as finish shopping for family and friends. We have done a pretty good job on the shopping and wrapping so far though....

 Speaking of presents, you should have a kid...people are so nice they just start giving you stuff. So I'm kind of kidding, but really my amazing friends and family have surprised us with several sweet things for baby Baylor. 

Amanda and Mitch gave us this super cute Auburn onesie...and it is a polo with a collar, just like daddy loves to wear.

Phoenix gave us this beautiful frame, and I quickly changed out the generic baby ultrasound picture for the ultrsound pic of the next Brad Pitt (I may be a little biased).

And my amazing sister-in-law Megan gave me this gorgeous baby boy Brighton charm for my charm bracelet.  How cute is that?!

And Gracie has been giving me lots of extra kisses lately.  Oh wait, she just likes to lick.

Serioulsy though, thank you all for the sweet comments on this blog, if I could figure out how to reply to them I definitely would..... I can not get over how much love and support we, along with our baby, have received. It is overwhelming and so wonderful.  What a perfect time of the year to realize how blessed and thankful we are!

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  1. YAY! And you're coming to NYC? When?! I think I just got tired from reading that post because you are one busy couple!