Thursday, December 15, 2011

Week 20

I still can not get over how much bigger I look in these pics than I think I look like in real life. Plus I swear I got bigger over the night last night. My co-workers kept even commenting that today!

Every time I think week 20 Bon Jovi comes to mind..."woahhh we're halfway there..."

Okay here are the deets (that means details, dad):

How Far Along: 20 weeks, 4 days
Weight Gain: 9 lbs
Maternity clothes: are comfortable. And all I fit in.
Sleep: Still sleeping good. Starting to feel more tired again (like I was in first trimester) so I have been napping a bit.
Best moment this week: Feeling him move more and more. Just can't get over how wonderful of a feeling that is!
Food Cravings: none, really
Movement: The little guy is kicking and moving daily, I feel him in the mornings, afternoons, and at night! He likes the nightlife baby (anyone get it?)--he's most awake at night!
What I miss: nothing... I am trying to just enjoy this time. I feel like I'm always eager for another milestone: a positive test, hearing the heartbeat, getting out of the first trimester, finding out what gender he is, etc. I'm trying to just slow down and enjoy it....which is difficult because I am impatient!
What I am looking forward to: Ha! The next milestone I am eager for (and trying not to be so eager for), is that what you are asking?? I guess to be out of the second trimester, because I know it gets more uncomfortable but I want to feel better about the odds if something bad were to happen....which won't! but still, you know what I mean.
Milestones: I just love knowing he is a boy and calling him by name. I love his kicking and being able to call Matt and say 'your son has been kicking all day long!!'

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