Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Working on my Fitness....while pregnant

Prior to getting pregnant, I would say all these things about how I would act and things I would do when I did become pregnant. Well, since I have become pregnant I must admit that things really do change.

I would say that once I was pregnant I was going to work out all the time (I think I may have told someone I would walk 5 miles daily....bahahaha!!) to stay trim and healthy....then the exhaustion of the 1st trimester hit and I couldn't help but nap every.single.afternoon. after getting home from work. 

I said I would eat healthy and organic for the health benefits for the baby....now the thought of a vegetable makes me want to puke and I am trying to save our money for the baby instead of blowing it all on organic food.

I said we would do a gender reveal party....and now all I want to do is find out the gender, and I don't have the energy or patience to plan a big reveal party, plus its a busy time of the year and my family is out of town making it very difficult to arrange.

When I set these 'goals' per se, my intentions were well. But once you become pregnant, things just change. I do however, try to eat healthy (though the thought of eating vegetables really does make me want to vomit and I used to love them...), I try to buy the important things organic (ones that have the most pesticides), and I have worked out at least a few times weekly since the 2nd trimester hit and my energy began to increase.

The whole "I will work out every single day" thing is pretty funny though, looking back on it. Though my energy has increased it is still not as it was before I was pregnant. So I changed my goals in order to fit how I now feel and set ones that are more realistic for myself during this time of my life.

My current goal is to usually work out 3-4 times per week. I think I average about 3 days per week. I would like to increase this, but sometimes life and lack of energy gets in the way. 

When I do work out I like to switch things up. After researching lots of prenatal workout videos I found Summer Sanders' Prenatal Workout video and I love it! It has a different workout catered to each trimester (ie. you can't lay flat on your back once you hit 2nd trimester) and they have a long and short version. The long is close to an hour and the short version is about 30 mins. It involves using a resistance band, but I just use 3lb weights and it works out fine. Summer is 7 months pregnant in the video and looks great! She is very laid back and just talks to you like your her friend. It keeps me entertained and motivated.

On days I don't do the video or on days I'm feeling extra energy after doing the video, I will walk on the treadmill for about 30-45 mins. I try to put the incline up as I walk so I feel like I am doing more (ha). It's a good, low impact workout that gives me time to catch up on the important shows I have on my DVR, like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (I mean, did anyone see the episode last night!? crazy.).

So even though I may not be as great and healthy as I once thought I would be once I became pregnant, I am still trying.  And that's what counts most, right?! 


  1. I didn't want the episode last night, but I watched the marathon of episodes all day (I was home sick, boo). I feel like I'll be the same way, one day. Set these crazy goals and end up not doing them once I am pregnant...

  2. Doing something is better than doing nothing!! Don't be too hard on your self! Just try to stay active and that'll help a lot!