Friday, April 1, 2011

Thank you Nordic Track!!

So after days of persuading Matt after my first treadmill bit the dust, he gave in and agreed that I could purchase another one. After my last few experiences with home gym equipment (2 ellipticals and 1 treadmill in a little over 2 years) I decided bigger is better. I needed a bigger motor and better warranty and a machine that could handle the wear and tear that I put on it. So, after much research the lucky winner is.....

The Nordic Track C 900!! Its got iFitness where I can download specific runs and it will simulate it (so technically I can 'run' the County Music Half prior to the actual race), has an iPod hook up and speakers to play it through, Jillian Michael's to motivate and speak to me as I run, and many other cool gadgets! I can't wait to use this puppy-- I just need my ankle to hurry up and heal!! Thanks to my awesome hubby who lets me get my way understands how important fitness and running means to me!

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