Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A little Greek and a little redneck

Sunday we attended a wedding for our friend's Stefan and Jessie. They are both Greek Orthodox so the wedding was a first for me. The church was beautiful.

The ceremony was so unique and interesting to watch. They had no instruments at all, but the priest along with a choir sang the whole ceremony. Seriously, the Priest sang every word.  I wonder if you have to have a nice voice to become a Priest for the Greek Orthodox religion? The guests stood throughout the whole hour long service. They had several neat parts of the service such as the crowning, drinking wine, and being led by the Priest to walk around the table several times. It was definitely a unique and special wedding.

Here are a few photo's from the wedding. Somehow I didn't even get a picture of the bride and groom?! What the heck is wrong with me!?

About to leave for the wedding

Matt and I

Ang B. and Matt

Megan and Nick

Matt, Nick, Mitch, and Megan

Sisters! Megan and I

Mere and I

Can you tell which is which??

Mere and Ben

Mitch and Matt

Me and Amanda
Monday was Memorial Day which usually means cookout and pool. We started it off with a cook out with Matt's family which was nice. Afterwards, we headed to our friends Miller and Bethany's house to grill out and later went to the pool. This is where the "little redneck" comes in. We live in Alabama, remember!? Don't be judgin'.

Here's the guys's getting their tan on

tailgating in the driveway...oh yeahhhh

we play in the sprinklers, yes we do
Overall, this weekend was great and I am sad to say it is now over. I think I now have a case of the Monday's being back at work...Oh wait, it is Tuesday.

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