Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Part 1

Truth be told I have had a rough and stressful week. Realizing that I have more than 3 readers now (just a few more but still...) which I would like to keep as my followers, I didn't want to be a negative Nancy and write blogs moaning and groaning. No one likes to hear that stuff! So instead, I took a hiatus from blogging until I had something more upbeat and positive to post about.  With that being said, this 3 day weekend has been just what the doctor ordered. Now, If only he ordered a few more days off.....

 So Friday we kicked the Memorial Day weekend off with a trip to the movies with some friends. We saw The Hangover 2 and it was hilarious! If you thought the first Hangover was raunchy and inappropriate though, I would not recommend the sequel. It was worse than the first! Very funny, but dirty! I felt embarrassed for both the parents and group of teenagers who came into watch the movie together, pretty sure they were regretting seeing it together afterwards. I am an adult and would have been embarrassed to have seen it with my parents! No offense mom and dad!

Saturday while the boys played golf (very unusual I know) the girls headed to the pool. We had such a nice time relaxing and soaking up the rays.  Laying by the pool is one of my favorite summertime activities. If laying on a chair counts as an activity!

That night we went to our friends Phoenix and Oj's house to grill out. Another favorite summertime event. Nothing feels more like summer is here than sitting outside grilling out. Afterwards we did a little Just Dance again. Can you tell we are addicted??

It was a great relaxing first half to the weekend....second half wrap up to come!
Amanda, me, and Bethany
Ryan, Miller, Andy, OJ, Ben, Walker, Matt, and Mitch
Phoenix, Amanda, moi, and Bethany
Old pic-but you know what this is....Just Dance!! Yayay!


  1. I just wanted to say hi after just coming across your blog recently! Sounds like you had a great memorial day weekend...I also noticed that you work as a therapist-I'm currently getting my MSW and my internship for my second year of school will be working as a therapist. I'm SO nervous. Anywho, have a nice day!

  2. I think everyone understands some complaining every now and then!

    Great pics :)