Monday, May 9, 2011

Birmingham Beach Babes Trip #1

A while back, some of my good girl friends and I decided we need to have an annual girls beach trip.  Since we are all now married, we no longer have tons of bachelorette parties or trips to go to, so this would be a nice replacement to the wild trips we used to take. Okay, maybe some of us are still wild. Not sure if that will change anytime soon. Age is just a number right?!

Thursday night we packed up our car and headed down to Sandestin, Florida where Maria's cousin has a home (think huge-- private pool, 3 bedroom 3 bath, on lagoon with beach Jeep and golf cart to drive around) which she so kindly allowed us to stay at. For free! We arrived late Friday night and called it a night.

Friday and Saturday we had beautiful weather and soaked it up laying in the sand by the water. In the late afternoons we would head back to the house and relax by the pool. Friday night we went to Baytowne Wharf, this area in Sandestin that has tons of restaurants and bars. We had a blast and danced the night away! Saturday night we headed to the Red Bar which is a local favorite. Saturday ended up being an early evening, as we were exhausted from the sun! It sure can drain you!

I forgot my camera, so I have a measly 3 pictures that I took from my phone.  Pitiful. I will try to steal some of my friends photo's they took to post. Amanda and Mere, hint, hint.

The water was so clear, it looked like Jamaica!

Trying to show my new bathing suit top. sorta.
We headed back early yesterday morning and arrived back in the 'Bham around 2. We went to dinner at my mother-in-laws house for Mother's Day and it was great. What a good way to wrap up the long weekend. 

Now I am ready to be back home for a while and have no where to go! This traveling has been fun but I am ready to stay in place for a bit. Though the Jamaica trip is creeping up soon....Don't think I will be too upset about leaving for that one.


  1. Husband and I are going to Destin in a few weeks. Love love the gulf. I'm trying to convince him to move there.

  2. Ummm. SUPER envious of your tan!

  3. Where's your suit from? I'm in desperate need of a new one for Vegas. Send your tan with it, please.

  4. Omg that looks awesome! I bet the water was super warm too. And what the other commenters said about your fab tan as well. Send it over haha.

  5. So jealous! Your trip looked awesome! I love the beach! Thanks for stopping over at my blog!