Sunday, May 15, 2011

A lot about Gracie, a little about me

My life has been suuuper busy lately. Writing boring blog posts about mental illness and trying to figure out who is the most crazy person on The Real Housewives of New York. Is it Ramona? Jill? Weird Alex? Crazy Kelly? So many decisions. I think I will have to chalk it up to a split decision that they are all bizarre. I think I will stick with The Real Housewives of New Jersey since they are all sane. Okay maybe not, but at least I can keep up with the drama on that show.

In between writing life altering mental illness posts and catching up on reality television I have...not been doing much.  In running news, if you glance to the bottom right side of the screen you will see I have begun running again after a week long hiatus after the big half marathon. What a difference one week off makes! I can't believe how much of a struggle it is to not stop after running 2 miles! WTF?! I ran 13.1 (or 13.3 as Gertrude my Garmin said) straight without stopping two weeks ago and now I am huffing and puffing after running 2. And I'm not even trying to go fast! Today I have decided to show you what my dog, Gracie, aka Baby Angel (seriously the breeder had named her that-- along with having saved her umbilical cord...."umm no thanks") does while I run on the treadmill. She does this whether I run for 20 minutes or over an hour.


 I think she's really like "what the heck are you doing on that thing and when will you come play with me?"

In other exciting baby Angel news, Gracie has finally hit puberty at the ripe age of 6 (yes, she does look older than her real age, don't mention it around her, very sensitive subject) and can now stay out without having to be locked up in doggy jail, otherwise known as her crate. We have tried and tried to test her to let her stay out with our other dog Max and roam the house while we are gone, but she is notorious for becoming rambunctious when bored and doing something not so sweet like chewing up the blinds. But, for the past 3 weeks she has gone without being locked up in her crate once--without any issues, and now we are going to move that ugly thing up to the attic. Yay for Gracie!
I posed her in her crate to get a picture and she was not very happy with me, since she hasn't been in it for weeks now. I told her it was for the sake of the blog, but she still wasn't really happy.

And it was such a nice addition to the room....
 In non-canine related news, we have had a pretty good weekend. Friday night we went to eat Japanese (yummmm) with my brother-in-law Nick and sister-in-law Megan, our friends Mitch and Amanda, and Matt and Angela. Afterwards we all headed to our house to hang out for awhile while the guys did guy stuff and the girls sat around the table and did what we do best--talk. I suck once again and forgot to take any pictures. Must do better in the future, I know!

Saturday, we helped this guy move.

*To avoid any confusion--That is a cigar he has in his mouth!
Matt's younger brother Ryan moved into a new apartment and Matt and I helped him. Or really Matt helped while I looked busy. I did lift some light stuff so that counts right?

Today we hit the early church service so Matt could go play golf today with the guys. I have been enjoying my sofa and pajamas as I write this while he is gone.

 Oh yeah, and I read the book "The Hunger Games" this weekend which is I think for teens, but whatever, and which I didn't think I would like, however I definitely enjoyed it! Good read!

Have no fear though, our life has a lot of upcoming events as you can see on our fridge, so stay tuned.


  1. The Housewives of New York are the best ones! I'm leaning toward Ramona as the craziest. It looks like they're about to call her out on her alcoholism. Eeeeek!

    Also, Gracie is CUTE!

  2. Thanks! I think she's pretty cute myself! ;)

    And yeah, Ramona is pretty cray cray--she's gotta have that Pinio Grigio!