Thursday, May 19, 2011

We came. We went. And we Chowed Down.

In case you are just joining us, every month a group of my girl friends and I go to a new restaurant in Birmingham to try new food and good drinks. We call it "Chow Down Around Town". Lately we have all been super busy which means we haven't met and/or keep changing and pushing back dates. We finally decided to go to Do Di Yo's Restaurant in Homewood. We had a much smaller group than normal, only 5 of us compared to the normal 10-15 we have. Of course we still had a blast though!

Ang, me, and Erica

Amanda and Mere

Our little group: Ang, Mere, me, Amanda, and Erica

I had eaten at Do Di Yo's several times and it is always so good! Fresh Greek food! Yum!!

I got the pasta a la Greco- pasta, scallions, tomatoes, purple onions, feta, sauteed in olive oil and garlic. Yummmm.....

Hmmmm....I have no clue. No hands??

This is Mere singing, she's very shy. Not.

Yeah we are weirdo's. Ang is preggo so she can't drink. Sucks for her. (kidding!)

We sure do love our girl time!


  1. Your girls nights sound like so much fun. And I love your white shirt!

  2. These nights always look so fun. I wish I could go!!