Sunday, May 1, 2011


I am now home recovering from the awesome weekend that we had in Nashville. The race went great, but you will hear more about that later.

We arrived Friday around noon to beautiful blue skies. We checked into our hotel and headed downtown to go to the race expo to pick up our race bibs and to walk around a sight see for a bit. Megan and Liz hadn't been to Nashville, so we definitely wanted to let them see the beautiful city of Nashville.  Or Smashville. Or Nashvegas. Whatever you prefer.

The expo was good, very crowded but the lines moved pretty quick. There was a ton of stuff to check out and we got tons of free swag. Free stuff? Yes please. 
Kara Goucher was speaking so I played paparazzi and snapped a photo of her. She looks even prettier in real life!

After the expo we walked around downtown and tried on some sexy stuff. Unfortunately the hats didn't fit. And the rhinestone belt didn't really match anything I own so I didn't end up buying it either. Mom looks pretty hawt though.

 Friday night we went to eat and headed back to the hotel early so we could rest up. Yeah we went to bed a 9. We are cool like that.

Saturday (race day) Megan and I were up at 4:30. My cousin Liz didn't end up running due to a back injury so her and mom slept cozy while we got ready. We headed to the shuttle bus line around 5 and ended up waiting in it for almost an hour or so. We arrived at the race around 6 and just walked around before the start. We met up with some of our friends who were also running the race and joined in their corral so that we could all start together.


After the race we were exhausted and so we headed to the hotel. A nap was calling us tired girls. I later joined mom and Liz at the pool with my good friend Corona. Talk about recuperation.

 Saturday night we headed to Amerigo's, an awesome restaurant in Nashville. Megan and I then decided to meet up with the other girls at Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie bar. It was a neat place and we saw Jackie Wilson preform, who was one of the top 40 American Idol contestants. She was really good!
The girls at Bourbon Street Boogie and Blues Bar: from left to right: Bethany, Megan, Kelly, me, Ashley, and Mere
We then headed downtown to Broadway, where all the bars are and went to The Stage. The other girls left around 11 but Megan and I were still celebrating so we stayed and boogied down. We got back to the hotel pretty late, but it was worth it!
And this morning we got up early and headed back. It was a great weekend and great race--I am so glad we did it!

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  1. Sounds like a great trip!! Glad to hear you enjoyed it :)