Monday, February 7, 2011

Sushi, Shopping, and Superbowl

We had a busy weekend! It started out Friday evening when we met up with Matt and Ang B. for sushi. As the sushi and beverages progressed we somehow let the boys talk us into going to the dog track afterwards. The dog track is not the classiest joint here in Birmingham so it is not typically a place I enjoy to frequent. The hard part for me every time I do go to the dog track I notice how nice it *could* be, as it used to be an actual horse track. History has always been fascinating to me and I can only imagine how nice the track once was. It makes me sad though to see how it is no longer such a nice place. Anyways, I digress....we ended up going and it was a good time.

Saturday after my run, we cleaned house (thanks to my awesome hubs who helped!), and I managed to convince Matt into shopping with me. The trip was a success as we bought a new end table and lamps. I mean, I have no clue why Matt didn't like our old Walmart lamps and 90's style end table (no offense to Walmarts lamps). Please see the pictures of our new table and lamps, I think they turned out very nice and hope you do too!
In case you live under a rock Sunday was the big game, aka the Superbowl. We headed to Matt and Ang B.'s (they got alotta love from us this weekend it seems) for the festivities. I love the superbowl, ahem, I mean parties, because it is always fun to get together with good friends, socialize, watch the game (I mean commercials), and eat until you feel like you might puke. This year I'm not sure which was a bigger deal, smoking the meats all day with the correct "mop" or actually watching the game. Luckily the guys were able to finish the meat right before they watched the game. Good timing boys! So we along with several friends hung out at Matt and Angelas for the game and also were able to celebrate Angela's birthday which is tomorrow.

Hope you guys had a good weekend! Now it is back to the daily grind!

Angela and her football/birthday cake

A few folks watching the game, or not watching the game. Matt, Mitch and AmandaA small miracle, Romeo let someone (Bethanny) hold him. This must be documented as it happens so infrequently.

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