Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekly Run Report

This week was a good run week. I improved my distance as well as pace and am pretty satisfied with how the training is going. I ran a total of 20.5 miles. Watch out Country Music Marathon!

Monday- Ran 4 miles on TD (treadmill). Did some good incline/hill training.

Wednesday- Ran 6 miles on TD at a 9:30 minute pace the whole time (no incline). My goal for the marathon is about 10 minute miles, so if I keep this up I may beat my goal!

Thursday-3 miles on TD at 9:30 min pace with lots of incline the whole time.

Saturday-A beautiful day to enjoy the weather and finally get outside! I ran 7.5 miles outside around the Trussville Mall area, a historic/park area. It was a good run, though I averaged about 10:30 min/miles which wasn't as good as I have been running. I am not sweating it though, my first few miles just weren't easy and then it seemed to click and everything went great.

The great news is that the weather is supposed to be very nice all week, which equals lots of good runs outside! I think Matt may have even gotten himself in trouble, agreeing to run with me some this week!

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