Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekly Run Report

The weather has been amazing here all week so I have been trying to enjoy every minute of it while it lasts (I will not kid myself into believing Spring is here in February!). I have been able to run outside 4 times this week for a total of 20ish miles (will explain that later). Gracie (my dog) and Matt have run a total of 6 miles this week, and Max (other dog) ran 3. So here's the rundown:

Monday-ran outside 4 miles with lots of hill training. Awesome run! One of those that makes you realize why you do it and inspires you to continue. Gracie and Matt ran 2 of these miles with me. Max made it under 1 mile before he had to go in.

Wednesday-ran outside 6 miles will lots of hills. Complete opposite of Monday. It was hard, I kept cramping, and it felt as if it took forever. Blah. My pace was around 10:30/mile. Gracie ran 2 miles.

Thursday-Ran around 3-3.5 miles. My dang GPS/iPod app thing was turned off and so I am not exactly sure the approximate total. This run started off slow/difficult but ended well. I made a PR (running outside, that is) of a 9:40 minute/mile. Glad to see my time is getting faster if I push myself. Gracie ran a solid 2 miles. Max ran 2 miles with Matt.

Saturday-So here is where it gets tricky. I am in Atlanta visiting the parents and for some reason my GPS wouldn't locate so I couldn't track my run and distance. Talk about annoying and frustrating! So I set my alarm for an hour and 15 minutes cranked my iPod and just ran. I guess this is good to not be soo focused on time/distance/pace and just to run for the heck of it. I estimate that I ran around 7 miles and it was a great run. I explored the areas and neighborhoods around my mom's house and enjoyed this beautiful weather.

Overall it was a decent week but I hope next week is even better and that my time/stamina continues to improve. On the treadmill I put it on a pace knowing I will run 9:30 min/miles and it forces me to push myself, outside I don't have to keep up with a moving belt so it is harder to estimate my pace (until my GPS/run app tells me). Stay tuned for next weeks updates!

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