Monday, February 28, 2011

You want more? I'll give you more.

You can't get enough of my blogs? Want more? Kinda like I couldn't get enough of the leftover sweethearts candy from Valentines Day and don't ever want to see the end....gah those things are just so good! (this was a jar of them....)
Soo this weekend was a good one! Friday night Matt and I met some friends for dinner--mostly couples, at Cajun Steamer a really yummy restaurant in Birmingham. After good food and conversation we debated going bowling but ended up deciding we were old farts and needed to go to bed. I mean, it was getting late, like 9:00ish late.

Saturday morning the boys' were off to play a round of golf and I had plans to meet up with Bethanny for our run. We met around 10ish and began our nice trek around the Homewood area to Mountain Brook and back. We had great run and I realize I like running with others since I can be both productive and social, and most of us know that I do like to talk! After we headed to one of my favorite restaurants Ocarrs for some yummy chicken salad and fruit. To celebrate all of our hard work we went to Dreamcakes, a bakery in Homewood.

Dreamcakes was featured this month in Southern Living Magazine for their delcious cupcakes. They are filled with different types of filling such as cheesecake, a hersey's kiss, cream cheese icing, etc. I mentioned to Bethanny I had never eaten there and she persuaded me (okay, maybe I didn't need any persuasion) to go check it out. Here's what the place looks like, and this was a less busy moment: Bethanny and I tried this scrumptious cupcake called Over the Moon-vanilla with vanilla filling. It was fantastic.

Here's Bethanny in her cute lil' running outfit and her cupcake
I highly recommend going to Dreamcakes if you are ever in Birmingham.
Saturday night we had another couples date night and went to dinner with Mitch and Amanda and Matt and Angela at Ruby Tuesday. We headed home afterwards and went to bed (remember we are old--can't stay out past 9pm).
Sunday we ran some errands, cleaned, and relaxed....Good times.

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  1. Next time I visit you've gotta take me to get one of those cupcakes. :) Yummy!