Monday, February 28, 2011

Run Recap

For the weekly run report:

Monday: Ran 4 miles/40mins on TM, no incline, easy run. Though the weather was good I felt bad for my neglected TM and thought I'd give it a little love since I haven't run on it in a couple weeks.

Wed: Ran 6.25/1 hour. This was the run in at the new trail where I had no clue where I was going and turned slight stalker-esk. The run went well, and since my GPS on my iPhone no longer works, I had to track it once I returned home on and it turned out I ran 6.25 miles in about 1 hour. Not too shabby for not knowing where the heck I was going.

Thurs: Ran 2 miles outside/20 mins. Ran 1 mile on TM/9:30. So I started off with Matt and the dogs outside and the weather began to look scary so we all headed in. I finished up with an extra mile on the TM. TM's gotten lots of love this week.

Sat: Ran 7.18 and no clue how long it took. I met up with my friend Bethanny who is also running the CMM (Country Music Marathon). She has run it before as well as the Mercedes Half (I think more than once). She just completed the Mercedes Half this month at 1:56 so she's purdy quick!! We had a great run and the weather was perfect for it. I like running with someone faster and more trained than I, since it forces me to push myself more to keep up with her. We celebrated with cupcakes afterwards. More on that later.

So weekly total of 20.43 miles.

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