Friday, February 25, 2011


Dear friends and readers, I would like to apologize for my recent neglect towards you, as I know you sit anxiously awaiting my next amazing, life-changing post. (or not). I am currently sitting at work, shamming myself for being so gluttonous after the big brunch we had to celebrate a co-workers leaving and anothers' birthday. I always wonder why I fill my plate up with piles of food and eat-like-it's-Thanksgiving when we do the work pot lucks. But hey, it happened and I can't change the past. I must accept and move on. To another subject.

This week has been going well. Matt left me crying (or smiling, whatever you want) Monday to go to Nashville for a work conference which lasted until Thursday. I had lots of free time to catch up on really important stuff while he was away like watching previous recorded episodes of Glee, Jerseylicous, and Teen Mom. Woah. I sound like a 13 year old. Why you judgin'?!

My sweet in-laws (be jealous) took me out to eat at Flip burger on Tuesday night and we had a good time just the three of us. I told Matt they said I was their favorite. He doesn't believe me. Whatever, I know the truth. It was fun pretending I was an only child and getting all the attention. They were too kind to keep me company while I was all by my lonesome self.

Wednesday after work I was all pumped about running a new trail that had been recommended to me by Paige who is also running in the Country Music Marathon. So I headed to the park I planned to run, pretended like I knew where I was going, followed a random guy who probably thought I was a stalker so he ran super fast and I couldn't keep up, so then I almost turned around when another girl who looked like she knew where she was going ran by, so I followed her for a bit and then she disappeared! Man! What is up with these people running so fast like they are being stalked. I just want to know where to go. And a new friend. Geez. So I decided to be more independent and found my way and luckily made it to my car after a little over an hour of running.

Last night Matt came home from his trip and we hung out. I missed out on monthly Chow Down, aka girls night out, because I thought I'd be nice and spend time with Matt-- I mean, I married the guy, guess I should spend some time with him, right? We went for a short run around the neighborhood (props to Matt for 2 weeks of running!) with the pups. We cooked dinner and watched some educational television shows called The Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, and Jersey Shore. It is nice to have him back though I will miss having control over the television remote. And the thermostat.

No big plans yet for this weekend but hopefully it will be a good one!

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