Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Reads and Recommendations

As per the book nerd that I am-- I have recently read a few good books I would like to share. Now that it is summer time, there is no excuse not to grab a great book and enjoy while soaking up the warm rays.  Or sitting at your desk at work hiding from your boss. Whatever works for you. Last time I recommended books I think a few of you may have actually taken my recommendations and to which I hope you enjoyed!
So, here are some more!

 Saving CeeCee Honeycut by Beth Hoffman-
I really liked this book! It is about a young girl who is raised in the north by mostly her mother who is mentally ill. Her mother is often delusional, believing she is back to the time when she was the 1951 Vidalia Onion Queen. Her mother dies  in a traumatic accident and CeeCee is brought to Savannah, Ga to live with her great aunt. I am partly biased because it tells about the wonderful south and it's charming people but also about CeeCee and her journey to cope with the loss of her mother and learning to be happy with who she is including where she comes from. A heartfelt book that is funny and sweet all in one!

 Sarah's Key by Tatiana De Rosnay-
I waffled back and forth about recommending this book but ultimately I enjoyed it. It was not a sweet-perfect ending-everything is resolved-kind of book. It is set in both 1942 and present time and follows a young girl who's family becomes victims of the Hollocaust.  In the present day story it follows a 45 year old married woman who ends up moving into the young girls familys' old apartment (prior to Hollocaust).  The story goes back and forth between the times and stories and ends up weaving together in the end. It was good, touching, and still left me thinking about it. Warning: not a beach, easy read; think deep, difficult, and sad at times, but worth the read.

Summer Island by Kristin Hannah-
I really like Kristin Hannah and her writing style. Summer island is a great summer beach read about a mother's relationship with her daughters. The mother in the story, Nora, left her family when he daughters were teenagers and went on to become a famous talk-show advice/type host. The story follows Nora's journey to repair her relationship with her now grown daughters. It is a sweet book and will make you appreciate your family and own mother.

Can You Keep a Secret- by Sophie Kinsella-
If you are ever looking for an easy, funny read get anything by Sophie Kinsella. She is hilarious! In Can You Keep a Secret the book follows a young woman named Emma who on a flight confesses all of her secrets (think TMI times 10!!!) on a flight to a stranger. As luck would have it, the stranger presents at her work the following week as the CEO of her company. It is hilarious to see how Emma deals with her embarrassment while trying to keep her job at the same time. Sophie Kinsella has never disappointed me, and I am about to begin the Shopaholic Series soon. I am sure I will not be disappointed!


  1. I've read Sarah's Key and Summer Island and would agree with your reviews and recommendations. I'll need to check out Can you Keep a Secret. Thanks!

  2. I read CeCe Honeycutt and loved it! It was passed along to me by my mom and I was happy to have read it. She gave me Sarah's Key as well but I got a Nook soon after so I ignored it. I will have to give up the Nook and try it out!

    I just found your blog and can relate to a lot, I'm happy to be following!

  3. I love "Can you Keep a Secret"! I've read several other books by her and loved them - quick, easy but fun reads!

    I just finished the "Something Borrowed" and "Something Blue" books.... LOVED them! I can't wait to see the movie either... but I'm sure, as always, the books will be better!