Monday, April 11, 2011

Picture Overload!!

Yesterday was wonderful. I spent my whole day in heaven here.....

 My awesome mother-in-law (Matt's step-mom) Debbie treated my sister-in-law Megan and I to a whole day at the spa. We went to Ross Bridge, a local resort that has a spa, restaurant, golf, and pool. In between spa treatments (think facial and massage....) we laid by the pool and sipped Miami Vice's (Strawberry Daquiri's mixed with Pina Colodas=delishhhhh). It was wonderful and it felt like I was on vacation. A much needed vacation.

Saturday started with a bang as I along with Ang and Phoenix went to eat lunch and to see "A Chorus Line". Angela's boss has season tickets to the Birmingham Broadway shows and he gave Angela the tickets to "A Chorus Line" as he was out of town and couldn't go. I hadn't see "A Chorus Line" and ended up really liking it! It was pretty funny!

That night, we had a get together for Matt B. and Ang to celebrate their recent nuptials in Jamaica. They said seeyalata and headed to the big island eloping to avoid stressful traditional wedding planning. I personally believe getting married in Jamaica is a great idea. Oh wait, I did that. And it was. So we celebrated this past Saturday night and of course had tons of fun. Here is picture overload from that night:
From left to right: Our beautiful newlywed, Amanda, Megan, Mere, and I

Amanda, Mere, and I

Yeah, I am a dork. At least I can admit it. Thats the first step right?

Did I mention we tried to have a hula hoop contest? We didn't do so well... Here's Mitch trying...

Now Bethany....

And Mere...

The beautiful bride and I

I have hot friends! Phoenix, Ansley, Ang, Rachel, Bethany, Mere, and I

The newlyweds

Friday night Matt and I went to eat some Mexican and did a lil' shoppin. Matt is a typical guy. And therefore doesn't like to shop, which at times causes neglect to his wardrobe leaving shorts that don't fit or shirts that have tears. I swear we aren't that poor. So after I noticed he had cut slits in a pair of shorts around the rim to fit him I realized it may be time to update his wardrobe (this is unfortunately a true story). Of course mine needed updating, too (a woman's wardrobe can always be added to) so we headed to the mall Friday night and got some great stuff. Matt picked out clothes in like 2.2 seconds so we finished pretty early and decided to meet up with a few friends to enjoy the beautiful weather and some live music on the patio of a local bar/restaurant.
Matt and Mitch

Phoenix and I

Matt, Mitch, and OJ

Amanda and Kara

In other news my foot has been feeling a lot better. I tried to run on my treadmill Saturday but stopped after 1/2 mile because my ankle began to hurt again. I hit the gym and biked for an hour and stayed off it until today. I was able to run for 1 mile today and it felt better but definitely not 100%. I am going to take another day or so off and try again, but I don't think it is worth it to push it and risk injuring myself more. I am still hopeful, yet realistic, about my chances to run the race at the end of this month. Hey, miracles can happen, look at my cousin Tiff!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a pretty fabulous weekend. I'm jealous of your day at the spa and those delish sounds drinks.

    You and your girlfriends are all gorgeous!