Sunday, April 24, 2011

I heart NOLA

In 2006, post Hurricane Katrina, I went on a trip with a few girl friends to New Orleans for a bachelorette party. I immediately fell in love with the city, it's rich history, it's eccentric culture, it's pride, and their determination to rebuild after Katrina. I have made a point to go back as frequently as I can, which ends up usually being about once a year or so. I hadn't been in a couple years and desperately wanted to return when Matt surprised me with this birthday trip. We left on Friday, which was my actual birthday. We arrived around lunchtime and were told we couldn't check in our hotel just yet. We were just fine with that and decided to walk around and enjoy the city.

We always stay at the Bourbon Orleans which is at the heart of the French Quarter. It's great because you can walk around and be close to everything without needing a car. While waiting for our hotel room to be ready, we walked around the French Quarter enjoying all the sights and street performers. We even took a horse and buggy tour which I highly recommend. It is so fun!
**Forewarning: I am not an alcoholic. When in Rome......

Chillin by the water

Great thing about NOLA- no open container laws. Which means it is totally normal to walk around with a 24 ounce beer. And no, I am not 4 months pregnant, I have poor posture. I know mom, I need to stand up straight.

Matt and I attempt (seriously) number 4 to get a picture with of ourselves and Jackson Square in the background. Fail. Perhaps the beer was part of the reason why we couldn't get the angle right. Or the fact that I was too stubborn to ask anyone to take it for us.

Then we said forget it, let's just take individual ones. Isn't Jackson Square pretty??
When we finally checked into the hotel, I had a great surprise waiting for me. My in-laws ordered us a bottle of wine with a sweet birthday note.

Later that night, we went and ate at K-Joe's restaurant which we randomly stumbled upon. It turns out, it was featured on TLC's the Food Guru Show. It may not be official, but I consider myself a "Food Guru" and I give this restaurant 2 thumbs up! It was delish. After we grabbed a "Huge Ass Beer" (see picture below) and walked around Bourbon Street.
This picture does not even do this Huge Ass Beer justice. It was huge!

 We then thought, well we had a Huge Ass Beer, now we better have the famous Hand Grenade Drink. Poor decision. I look happy and excited at the time of this picture, however, the night went downhill from there. And downhill meant Jess had to go to bed cause she couldn't walk straight.

Saturday morning we headed to Cafe Du Monde and ordered some Beignets. If you haven't had them you are missing out. And they are fantastic. Think funnel cake for breakfast.  
 After breakfast we laid out by the pool for awhile. 
Keeping with the good food theme, for lunch we headed over to Central Grocery which is a little store that doesn't look like much, however, the line down the block tells you it it something special. Luckily, Matt was a champ and patiently waited in the line with me to try the famous Muffaletta. I have been told that Central Grocery is where the Muffaletta started and you must get one from there. Neither of us had even tried one before. I really enjoyed it, but Matt tried one bite and thought it was terrible. No Muffaletta's for Matty.
The famous Central Grocery Muffaletta

We walked around the French Quarter and shopped later that day. Okay, I shopped while Matt was a good sport and let me. For dinner, we headed to Port of Call, another awesome restaurant which is a small shack that is known for their burgers. They were hands down the best burgers I have ever eaten. I apologize I didn't even take a picture because I pretty much scarfed mine down without even looking back!

We were real ambitious and thought we would go out again Saturday after dinner, but after a so-called "pit stop" by our hotel we were sucked into the big comfy bed and didn't make it out. It's okay though, because that is what vacation is for right? To relax....Ahhh....

We made it home Sunday pretty early for a beautiful Easter day. We had a great Easter dinner with family and are now resting up getting ready for the daily grind to begin tomorrow.

Have you been to New Orleans? Love it? Hate it?


  1. Love all the pics! Looks like you guys had a great trip! I love New Orleans too but I haven't been since college -- I'm thinking it might be a little different experience now! =)

  2. I love NOLA and had pretty much this same trip with these same pictures in January. We went for the Sugar Bowl and it was amazing. We'd been before, but not with this many people running around. It was crazy. I have pics of my husband with big ass beers and me with that grenade! I feel like all we did was eat and drink.

  3. I love NO!!!! Glad you had an awesome time! I can't wait to go in June. I'll be sure to blog about it!!! ;)