Monday, April 18, 2011

Sweets here I come!

This past weekend was nice, as we were super lazy again. Well, not as bad as last weekend though. Friday it stormed really bad and we ended up staying in and watching a movie. Saturday we did a little shopping and just hung out at the house that evening. Luckily, we have cool neighbors so they came over for a few games of Mexican Domino's. Lately I have been off my game on Mexican Domino's (yeah, yeah I've been off a lot of things lately haven't I?) so I did not win one time. Maybe I need a trip to Mexico to help my game? Anyone wanna go to Cozumel? Cabo? Sunday we went to church, ate lunch with the in-laws, and I went to a good friend's baby shower. Here are a few pictures from Saturday:

Matt playing hide and seek from the camera

Amanda and I

What a cute couple!
This week is gonna be great! It is a very special week because it is the week of Easter and the meaning behind it of which is most important. To think about the amazing sacrifice that Jesus Christ did for us is so powerful and I am so thankful. God truly loves us!

In much less important news, Lent will be coming to an end and Saturday I will be able to eat sweets.
My birthday is Friday and Matt and I are taking a romantic weekend trip to New Orleans. We should arrive Friday around lunchtime and then will spend the weekend enjoying the beautiful city. To celebrate the end of Lent in combination with our trip, I have big plans at Cafe Du Monde Saturday morning with some biegnets. I just might have to eat a bunch of Sally's Pralines after that. Hopefully I won't overdose on sweets. If so, I won't complain. It will have been worth it.  


  1. We're all looking forward to celebrating Easter too....but lucky you with a trip to New Orleans! Hope you have a blast!!

  2. So glad that we live so close together...don't know what our weekends would consist of if we didn't! Also, you weren't off your game, Matt and I are just getting better! :) Hope ya'll have a blast on your romantic getaway! Think of me when you are eatign those beignets!