Friday, April 15, 2011

Wine Not.

Last night I hosted a Wine Tasting Party for some of my friends and co-workers. I have had one in the past and it was so much fun! This year was just as great as the last one. We had lots of good snacks and good wines to drink and try.  My wine tasting skills are about as good as William Hung is at singing, considering in the taste test I got 2 out of 8 correct. I was so sure of my choices at the time, clearly maybe the wine is to blame for my poor judgement.  They do say alcohol impairs your judgement. I did get some cute pics though.

A group shot of the girls minus Jenn and Maria who had left at this time, and minus the bottom half of Jessica's head! Jane, Me, Phoenix, Megan, Grelier, Mere, Laura, Jessica, and Bethany

Can you see Mere's spot where she was supposed to be? She was in charge of the camera timer...clearly missed this shot

Some of my awesome co-workers, plus 2 of our interns, whom we will miss greatly! I love having someone to do my job teach and guide to help further their education. ;)

The Taste Test:  Group 2: Mere, Megan, Laura, and Bethany our winner. Look at how Bethany still appears to be pondering what wine it was. Her strategy worked as she got 7 out of 8 correct!

Here's group number one: Phoenix, me, Grelier, and Jane. Please note we are all guessing a different choice.  Wonder who was correct?? Odds are not me.

Gracie had a blast attacking all the guests with her tongue. She just wanted a little wine taste.

Phoenix likes her wine

Phoenix and Jenn. Jenn was a great sport coming 5 months preggers and helping to run the taste test contest.

Cute pic of Megan and Bethany
It was a sucessful night! I hope to continue to have these wine tastings in the future because it is a great reason to get the girls together. Maybe one day I will actually win. Yeah, proabably not.


  1. So sad I missed it, but it looks like you ladies ahd a great time! We will have to do another one maybe this summer so I can join in on the fun! :)

  2. sounds like such a fun night! Good wine and good friends...what more do ya need?!

  3. I had an awesome time!!! Loved your must invite me back!