Sunday, April 24, 2011

Holy Cow I'm Famous and pre-birthday bash

A few months ago, I began reading Skinny Runner's blog pretty regularly. In case you haven't heard of her, she is a girl who lives in California and blogs about her life, which consists of a lot of running, traveling and other fun adventures.  She sometimes features other bloggers which she calls "Cat Lady Blogs". I'm not sure why she calls it that, but I always enjoy reading new bloggers' blogs and wanted to become a Cat Lady Blogger myself. To my great surprise, Friday morning, on my birthday (which I'm pretty positive SR did not know that it was) I got a text from my friend Amanda which went a little like this
 "OMG you are the Cat Lady Blog today!! Wow!!"
and I did a little "Whaaaa?!!?! Are you SERIOUS!?!". 
I was so excited to get on my blog and see how many new followers and posts I had! So I want to give a big Thank You Skinny Runner and to all of the people who checked out my blog and left me a post or even followed me! Ya'll are so sweet! It was such a wonderful birthday gift! I feel famous (okay, maybe I'm totally exaggerating here but still!).  I will try my best to be entertaining and witty and whatever it takes to keep you coming back for more! :)

So, for my birthday, my hubs Matt surprised me with a trip to New Orleans (which he told me about a few months ago).Thursday night, prior to our trip, we met up with a few good friends to celebrate (early) my birthday as well as my good friend Bethany's birthday, before we headed to the Big Easy.  We went to this neat restaurant in Birmingham called J.Clyde.  They have a huge back porch and great drink specials which we took advantage of. Afterwards, our friends Mitch and Amanda decided to keep the party going with us and we all headed next door to The Blue Monkey, a martini bar for a nightcap. Here are a few pictures from that night.

Up close and personal of me and Matt

The birthday girls-Bethany and I

Amanda, Ashley, and Ang B.


  • Amanda and I later taking advantage of the $2 champagne specials at The Blue Monkey--yes, we are corny.
    He's a keeper
Awwww...Amanda and Mitch

Some hotties! Matt and his twin Nick, their younger brother Ryan (yep you read that right), and Mitch

All in all it was a great night and I had tons of fun celebrating my old age birthday with great friends and family. Also, I hope everyone had a great Easter and weekend!


  1. Yay for being featured! :) Love the blog name, by the way!

  2. If you buy a Birmingham Weekly card, they have 40% off J.Clyde. You put money on it like a debit card-but if you put in $60 you have $100 to spend at the places that take it (and they can vary. businesses come and go.) You can't use it for tips though.

    *not affiliated with the weekly. Just really really like coupons and drinking for cheap.

  3. Thanks Presley! It is a spin off "Clarissa Explains it All" the old Nickelodeon show!

    Carrie-are you serious!!? That sounds great! Where do I get the card??